The Main Benefits of Our Web Hosting Packages:

Our multi domain web hosting means that when you have multiple web sites, you will save money by just paying for one web hosting account.

  • To host your web site and databases, we utilise multiple servers working in a cluster for higher performance and better stability.
  • We have experts who can help and provide advice on many advanced integration issues.    
  • We have a flexible and easy to use control panel to help you perform configuration and maintenance tasks effortlessly.
  • We provide free anti virus scanning over your emails to intercept and stop viruses before it reaches your inbox.
  • We have a free anti spam feature to help you take control over your junk emails.
  • We have fast and redundant servers in UK and USA, giving you the choice for the best physical location in which to host your web sites. Our INDIAN servers are ideal for the INDIAN market as it provides the fastest experience from within INDIAN

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