Shiftex School Management Software

Shiftex School Management system is a modern, complete school automation software suitable for almost any school or institution, from student enrollment to expulsion, from fee collection to exam results. Contains over 40 modules with 8 built-in user panels (Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent, Student).

A computer screen displaying the School Management System's dashboard, with various modules such as student enrollment, attendance tracking, and grade generation visible.
A group of students interacting with a tablet device, accessing the School Management System to view their academic progress and communicate with their teachers.

Features Included

School Management system

Our School Management system Keeps track of student enrollments with the powerful Student Enrollment Form and add over 40 student records including past school details. Add siblings, IDs, and multiple documents to create a complete student profile record. Search for students using various criteria and keywords. A student’s profile consists of her 360* student records including admissions, people, contact, fees, exams and paperwork details. Promote students in the next academic session based on pass/fail and retention/expulsion. Classify students into grades based on various criteria such as caste, ability, etc.

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shiftex includes a variety of modules that cover all aspects of school management, such as student enrollment, attendance tracking, timetable scheduling, grade and report card generation, and fee management. The system also includes features for managing staff payroll, inventory, and library resources.

One of the main benefits of a shiftex is that it helps schools to operate more efficiently, saving time and resources while ensuring that all tasks are completed accurately and on time. The system allows administrators to easily track student attendance, performance, and behavior, making it easier to identify areas where improvements are needed.

Parents can also benefit from the shiftex as they can access real-time information about their child’s progress, attendance, and grades. They can communicate with teachers and administrators, access online resources, and make payments online, all from one central location.

Overall, a School Management System is an essential tool for any educational institution that wants to streamline their administrative tasks and provide a more efficient and effective learning environment for their students. At Nuvella, we provide a customizable and user-friendly School Management System that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your school. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.